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Don’t compete with your competitors on the same audience!

What's In It For You When You Send Personalized Data To Facebook?

You will have a significant advantage over competitors.

Because you not just optimize the all people in the basic “view content” event, you separate the irrelevant people by additional data and optimize only the relevant people, then you will get much better results.

Your ad will get high relevance score on Facebook.

Because you’re targeting only relevant people, so they are much more likely to engage with your facebook ad, and facebook likes engagment.

You will reduced your CPC.

Because you separated the irrelevant people before so now you promoting only to people that you know they more interested in your offer, then you probably will get higher CTR on your ad which means these people will be more engaging with your facebook ad, because you relevant to them. (so you pay less for clicks)

You will get a positive ROI.

Think about that, if you optimize the “view content” that is the first step and most important in the funnel in the wrong way, then you throw away your money and the ROI will be minus. but if you optimize it like a pro then all the funnel will be smooth and you will get positive ROI.

What Our Customers Say

I want just to say thanks that you opened my eyes and showed me how to reduce my cpc by more then 50% it's amazing.
Dor Algazi
Security Cameras Online Store
It's unbelievable how small change can make a huge diffrent when you segment the customers in the right way and know what to do.
Eli Vizan
Spices and Nuts Online Store
I work with this team a lot and i'm very happy, I'm so glad I met them and i highly recommend that everyone use this technique to see good results.
Tom Grinberg
Online Advertising
These people are simply geniuses, they know a lot of things that other people doesn't, how powerful is if you know how to build groups of custom audionce that relly interesting in what you sell.
Amit Yehezkel
Sound Technician

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